Messiah Ministries
Small Christian Community

Messiah Ministries Small Christian Community

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A Christian Alternative to Rehabilitation

  A Path to Recovery based on Biblical Principles

What is M.M.S.T.C.?                                                                                                                                                 

        The Messiah Ministries Spiritual Training Center is a Christ-centered, Spirit-led organization providing a beneficial living environment in a Small Christian Community. The Community provides biblical spirituality and  discipleship training for adult men who are desperate to seek God as their answer to life’s problems.  It is a program of The Path Foundation, a religious, non-profit corporation.  

        Our goal is to direct the people to the Lord Jesus Christ, to find love and purpose for their lives and to make disciples of them according to Bible directives.

God led several brothers to found this residential program to help those in desperate life situations because of alcohol and other drugs.

Here’s How It Works


        The initial training program lasts nine months to a year.  There is an additional one year  program for staff training and transition.

        Upon entering the Small Christian Community; the resident will be given a three-month induction period with few privileges other than sending and receiving mail.  He will have limited responsibilities other than daily chores and small work projects.  His primary focus is to seek the Lord.

        In the second and third stages, he will begin assuming certain leadership responsibilities which will add pressure and lead him to the Lord for help.  With these increased responsibilities comes additional privileges such as receiving and making phone calls and visits from family.

        During final phase of the program the resident will begin a period of training to be a counselor.  He will counsel other residents in the induction stage.  He reports to the senior staff.  In this role, he will learn to help others as he was helped.  

        Each person in the training program will be required to follow the daily schedule.  This includes attending all daily activities: classes, prayer services, work assignments, and daily meditation time. There are also required group recreational activities.

What are the requirements for entering the community?

        To be accepted into the spiritual center, a person must be willing to seek God as the answer to his problems and to submit to the authority and will of God.  All court cases must be taken care of or postponed for at least three months.  Prescription medication is allowed upon approval of the Directors.  (Anti-Depressants, Narcotics and alcohol-containing medication are not allowed).  An application must be submitted and preliminary interview conducted before acceptance.  You will be given further details during the interview.  

How is M.M.S.T.C. funded?

        The Messiah Ministries Spiritual Training Center receives no governmental funding.  We are dependent upon God to move upon the hearts of His people to supply our daily needs, as individuals and church groups.  Our needs include basically anything it takes to run a household (food, utilities, cleaning supplies, etc.).  None of our staff are paid although they may receive funds donated specifically for them by name or for staff in general.

        Please keep this ministry in your prayers.  We are very appreciative and encouraged by your support – as a financial and/or  prayer partner.  Please let us know if you would like to receive our monthly newsletter by email which saves God’s trees and the ministry printing costs and postage.  


God Bless You and Keep You!