Messiah Ministries
Small Christian Community

Messiah Ministries Small Christian Community

Post Office Box 415 ~ Pocahontas, Arkansas  72455

Phone 870-932-0051   Fax 866-887-1594




The following is a example of various needs we have in our Small Christian Communities:   


Monthly Prayer / Financial Partners

Building Materials

Toilet Paper / Napkins / Papertowels

Land / Buildings for Sufficiency Projects

Complete inside/outside heat/air system

Plants (trees/shrubs/flowers) and Concrete Walking Pads for Prayer Garden

Annual Sponsor for Utilities

Mortgage Redemption

Go-Back-To-School Sponsors

Frozen Meats

(Hamburger, Chicken, Breakfast Sausage)

If the Lord has blessed you and laid it

on your heart to help this ministry with

any of these needs or other resources,

please contact the Ministry house

at 870-932-0051 or email -